I would like to take this opportunity to express my thanks and appreciation for a job well done. Thank you so much for dedicating a portion of your life in volunteering your time helping us establish the first structures of our new campus. Your willingness to use your construction knowledge and abilities has strengthened the mission of this organization. You have also been an example of leadership and giving. For all your time, effort, and hard work, please accept the thanks and appreciation of the AVANI Children’s Home, its children, staff, and me. You have been a blessing to this work!
Anuradha Bhosale
Director, AVANI Childrens Home

Having Bearfoot, and his family, on as our resident Natural Building Instructor was both a hoot and a holler for the school and our tiny residential team. It was invigorating for me, as the founder, to watch as various types of earthen structures would crop up around the land and inside our pre-existing buildings. Bearfoot was a huge contribution to our team and was always researching how we could expand what he taught whenever there was down time between classes and apprentices. Energetic, enthusiastic, and an excellent teacher and builder we were blessed to have his knowledge and experience on site for so long. Thanks again.
Chris Dyson
Director, Ka’Way Monti School for Sustainability

Deciding to do the apprenticeship with Bearfoot was one of the best decisions I have ever made. I spent about 4 months there working with him and I learned an incredible amount. Most importantly, he was incredibly flexible about helping me learn in my own way and working on projects that were particularly meaningful to me. He is a great, knowledgeable, and patient teacher who is passionate about Permaculture. He shared his process and gave me the chance to really dive into and guide our projects. It is a place where you can learn your strengths. He also brings art to natural building… approaching each project with an open mind and a willingness to make something beautiful and sustainable. This was an amazing learning experience. You should go! I’ll probably even be back there by the time you arrive.
Long-Term Apprentice
United States

I’m not sure I ever said it enough, but thank you so much for everything I learned and experienced that summer. It’s been the start of an important journey for me. I’m taking a PDC starting in January, and I’m really excited to keep moving in this direction. I hope my future travels will bring me back to Peru someday!
Long-Term Apprentice
United States

I really enjoyed the course last year.  There was a good balance of hands on learning and the more academic classroom arrangement.  What I really took from the class was a demystifying of construction.  It is empowering to be physically building something and to appreciate that low technology techniques are just as relevant today as they have been historically.
United Kingdom

During our time with Bearfoot we played pretty hard in the mud. The location is unbeatable if you like gorgeous vistas or rugged mountains! One of the things we loved about the place was the opportunity to work closely with the locals. Watching them work and being taught with them was incredible. Bearfoot is also a great instructor as well, very knowledgeable on natural building with a lot of experience. We stayed 2 months and got to work on a rocket mass heater, foundation and stem wall, planning and design, adobe technique, a cob oven, some roofing, timber framing and probably a bunch more stuff I am  forgetting. The apprenticeship is a commitment, suited for people that do not mind putting in the time it requires. These are top notch people with big hearts and plenty of mud to play in.
Mike & Heather
Long-Term Apprentices
United States

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