Note: Earth Ayni is our new center for Healing, Wellness, and Sustainable Living. For more information please visit our website here. Come learn with us at our new location in the Sacred Valley near Cusco, Peru!

IMG_3318Calendar of Upcoming Workshops
Please see the Earth Ayni site for current events.

Learn how to build with the earth beneath your feet! When you join us for a workshop you can expect to get covered in mud with some real hands-on learning. Be prepared for hard work, wholesome food, and good friends! We offer a wide variety of training in natural building techniques using local, recycled, and low-cost materials.

Also included is:
• A Despacho Ceremony to honor the land, each other, and our building project.
• Kundalini Yoga each morning at 7:00am for those who wish to attend.
• Visioning: A guided meditation with the focused intention to commune with our higher self, to receive clarity, guidance, and the wisdom of our inner knowing for our future projects.

IMG_2481The Instructor
During your stay with us you will be working mostly with our resident instructor Bearfoot who is also the co-founder of Earth Ayni. See his bio here.

Earth Ayni is located in the heart of the Sacred Valley in Urubamba, Peru at an altitude of 9,420 feet. We are nestled in the majestic Andes just below Mt. Chicon (18,175 feet) which offers many amazing treks. Centrally located, it is easy to visit multiple archeological sites in the immediate vicinity and Machu Picchu which is only 2.5 hours away. It is only a short drive, one hour or less, to visit places such as Cusco, Pisac, and Ollantaytambo.

From Urubamba head up Av. Torrechayoc which becomes Jirón Pisagua. Continue up the road to the right of Torrechayoc church going toward Pumahuanca. We are at Ccatan Hostal which is on the left just before Samana Wasi. See a map of our location at the bottom of our contact page here.

Shared accommodations are included. If you are interested in a private room, please contact us for more information. Camping is also available. See photos of our location here.

All vegetarian food is included. We do not have a strictly organic menu but we strive to provide organic produce whenever possible.

Free wifi and computer available.

The workshop schedule is approximately 7 hours per day starting at 9am with a 1 hour break for lunch.

• Commuter Rate s./650 (approximately US$200, includes lunch each day without accommodations)
• For Peruvian Nationals
Regular Rate s./650 (includes food and accommodations)
Commuter Rate s./500 (includes lunch each day without accommodations)
• 10% additional discount if paid in full 2 weeks prior to workshop start date

Note: Workshop fee is waived for all participants 17 years of age and younger. Please contact us for details and to discuss food and lodging.

How to Apply
1. Send us an email regarding your interest in joining the workshop here.
2. After we speak via email, make a s./300 (approximately US$100) deposit to secure your place as space is limited. This deposit is non-refundable.

What We Offer
Introduction to Natural Building
Join us for an intensive course where you will learn multiple types of building techniques such as cob, adobe, Superadobe, and more. Workshops include siting, design, passive solar, drainage, foundation, walls, arches, shelving, doors and windows, roofing, plastering, natural paints, and more!


Superadobe is a dome building technique which utilizes tubular, woven polypropylene bags and barbed wire. It was popularized by architect Nader Khalili at the Cal-Earth institute in Hesperia, California. The buildings were tested by California’s stringent earthquake standards and it was noted that the equipment began to break down before the buildings moved a fraction of an inch.

Rocket Mass Heaters

This super-efficient interior heating system burns a fraction of the wood than a conventional heating system. It consists of a brick “J” shaped chamber enclosed in a metal drum that channels the excess hot gases through a “thermal battery” (or cob bench). This thermal battery retains the heat inside your home for many hours rather than wasting it by sending it out a chimney.

Earthen Ovens

Learn how to create your own earthen oven using all locally sourced materials. We will teach you how to turn clay, sand, straw, sawdust, brick, and some recycled bottles into an oven where you can cook your pizzas, breads, and more! The oven is heated by lighting a fire inside that warms up a layer of clay which retains that heat for many hours.

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