Work Study

IMG_4068Time frame: 1 week minimum

Our participants join our program to learn more about sustainable living, Kundalini Yoga, energy medicine, meditation, as well as to deepen and explore their spiritual life, and to experience life in a community environment. It is our intention to support you on your personal journey and your path to live in harmony with Pachamama.

The Work Study Program is for those who choose to stay with us for a shorter period of time instead of the longer term Apprenticeship Program. We offer a range of earth building techniques which utilize local, recycled, and low cost materials. Our goal is to give you the skills and guide you on the path toward self-sufficiency.

Our program includes techniques such as cob, adobe domes, Superadobe, siting, design, foundations, drainage, flooring, doors and windows, niches and shelving, artistic elements, living roofs, plastering, earthen paints, rocket mass heaters, traditional masonry heaters, earthen ovens, composting toilets, Permaculture, and more. Topics covered and hands-on experience will be determined by the length and timing of your stay.

Included are any scheduled programs during the time of your visit. We invite our participants to join our circles, ceremonies, Kundalini Yoga, and the Household Health Workshop Series.

IMG_3631Calendar of Availability
We are open for submissions to our work study program. As many of our students are travelers we try to be flexible in regards to start dates and the duration of your time with us.

The Instructor
During your stay with us you will be working mostly with our resident instructor Bearfoot who is also the co-founder of Earth Ayni. See his bio here.

Earth Ayni is located in the heart of the Sacred Valley in Urubamba, Peru at an altitude of 9,420 feet. We are nestled in the majestic Andes just below Mt. Chicon (18,175 feet) which offers many amazing treks. Centrally located, it is easy to visit multiple archeological sites in the immediate vicinity and Machu Picchu which is only 2.5 hours away. It is only a short drive, one hour or less, to visit places such as Cusco, Pisac, and Ollantaytambo.

From Urubamba head up Av. Torrechayoc which becomes Jirón Pisagua. Continue up the road to the right of Torrechayoc church going toward Pumahuanca. We are at Ccatan Hostal which is on the left just before Samana Wasi. See a map of our location at the bottom of our contact page here.

Shared accommodations are included. If you are interested in a private room, please contact us for more information. Camping is also available. See photos of our location here.

You have access to a fully equipped kitchen but you must provide your own food. The local market and restaurants are a 15 minute walk or a you can take a mototaxi for s./3 (approx. US$1). The open air markets are very inexpensive and organic produce is available.

Free wifi and computer available.

Work Study participants will work approximately 35 hours per week:
• 25 hours per week will be devoted to Natural Building
• 10 hours per week will be assisting in various administrative assignments, the set-up and breakdown of classes, ceremonies, and events, any other possible areas of support where needed.

The exchange for the apprenticeship program is s./1000 per week (approximately US$300). Shared accommodations are included.

How to Apply
1. Send us an email regarding your interest in joining the work study program here.
2. We will schedule a time for a Skype meeting as we would like to learn more about your interest in the program and your future goals.
3. We ask that you make a 10% deposit to secure your place as space is limited. This deposit is non-refundable.

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