Sustainable Living Education

Note: Earth Ayni is our new center for Healing, Wellness, and Sustainable Living. For more information please visit our website here. Come learn with us at our new location in the Sacred Valley near Cusco, Peru!

apprenticeshipsEducation and training are a main component of our programs. We teach the practical skills necessary for those who want to apply sustainable techniques, live in harmony with nature, and become more self-sufficient.

We believe that shelter is a basic human right and that every person has the ability to build their own homes and provide for their families. After learning with us you will have the confidence to go out and build what you have learned and also teach it to others.

We currently offer education on the topics listed below. Please browse our Sustainable Living pages for more information.
• Introduction to Natural Building
• Cob
• Adobe Domes
• Superadobe
• Living Roofs
• Reciprocal Roofs
• Rocket Mass Heaters
• Traditional Masonry Heaters
• Earthen Ovens
• Composting Toilets
• Permaculture, and…

IMG_3821The Household Health Workshop Series which is offered once per month and includes:
• Fermented Foods
• Fermented Beverages (probiotics and mead)
• Raw Vegan Food
• Candles
• Healthy Household Products
• Cosmetics
• Soaps
• Beer and Chicha Loco
• Wine


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