Our New Earthen Oven – Part 4

There is fire in the oven! The inaugural pizza fest is this Saturday and there will be another on January 2nd, the night before our Household Health Workshop. Over the past few days I began working on a new design for an oven door. After I cut out the arch and attached them together with two cross pieces I fabricated some handles out of some local wood and then varnished it all. I then cut some metal strips, countersunk holes into them, and screwed them in all around the edges. The metal was 1 inch wider than the door thickness and this extra space was filled with a natural insulation. This should keep the door from burning to a crisp. Then it was time to fire it up and see if the chimney was tall enough to create enough draft to keep the smoke out of your face. Well, I was pleased when it worked great right from the start! The only thing left is to add the insulation, plaster, and clay paint… but that can wait until after pizza night!

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