Our New Earthen Oven – Part 2



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  1. Tammy says:

    Hey Bro, pizza oven looks great! If it wasn’t a crazy thing to do I would send you apple and cherry wood from a couple of our trees we had to take out. I know there are several similar methods to earth ovens but I was wondering if there are any advantages or the pros and cons of building it with brick as compared to completely clay? Also, could you explain the two brick arches? Is it a way to keep heat and smoke from being in your face when you are cooking or is there another more technical reason?


    • w. flagg says:

      its not a crazy thing to do! send a container! the entire oven can be clay, i just wanted to do the arches with brick because i like the look and wanted to try something different! the 2 brick arches create a gap for the smoke to enter the chimney. yes, to keep it out of your face and then it does not blacken the front of the oven!

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