Hiking the Northwestern Chicon Glacier

I decided to explore another glacier on Chicon Mountain and went up camping for a couple of nights at around 4800 meters(15,750 feet). It takes about 7-8 hours to hike up to the glacier but you must have stamina and determination to even make it. I had a lot of time to explore and take photos but I had to weather the recent thunderstorm which was very intense and I continued clearing snow off of my tent throughout the night.

I woke up to clear blue skies and just as I was zipping up my tent at 8am to leave hiking around the glacier for the day I heard voices. Three of my friends came walking up out of the rocks who had left Urubamba at 2am to come and meet me! It was nice to see some friendly faces. After they rested for a bit we headed toward the glacier, still about 1 hour up, and did some serious exploring.

We found some ares where you could walk up these narrow gaps between the side of the glacier and the rocks. You could see deep into the blue crackled ice to the constant sound of dripping water. We also found otherworldly caverns underneath the glacier in an area where the ice wall was at least 10-15 stories high. There also seems to be an endless supply of beautiful lakes and rock formations.

Upon returning home i felt tired and rejuvenated at the same. I am already looking forward to my next excursion into the wilderness!

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