In 2012 I created to document my natural building projects, international community outreach and relief efforts, and other educational programs. In 2017 I switched gears and began focusing more on instructional videos, podcast interviews with natural builders and architects, and video tours of sustainable construction sites. My goal is to make these accessible to the general public so we can exchange information and learn from each others experience.

I have learned from and worked with many talented people and organizations such as Gernot Minke, Cal-Earth (The California Institute for Earth Art and Architecture), Solar Living Institute, Midwest Permaculture, Ianto Evans and Cob Cottage Company, and the Masonry Heater Association of North America. Clients have included The AVANI Organization (India), Ghandi Worldwide Education Institute, and Adventist Health International (Africa).

Author of and co-owner of Earth Ayni, a school for sustainability and organic farm in Costa Rica (

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