My interest in natural building began during my years as an artist whose work was inspired by environmental issues. In sharing this knowledge and bringing awareness to the global community, I hope to empower others to be self-sufficient and to live a more eco-conscious and healthy life. I continue to search for new, sometimes ancient, methods of creating a world in which we can live in harmony with Mother Nature and each other.

I have learned from and worked with many talented people and organizations such as Gernot Minke, Cal-Earth (The California Institute for Earth Art and Architecture), Solar Living Institute, Midwest Permaculture, Cob Cottage Company, Ka’Way Monti School for Sustainability (Peru), and the Masonry Heater Association of North America. Clients have included The AVANI Organization (India), Gandhi Worldwide Education Institute, and Adventist Health International (Africa).

Whitey “Bearfoot” Flagg
Renegade Builder

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