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Hyperadobe was coined by Fernando Pacheco of EcoOca in Brazil. His technique is inspired by Cal-Earth’s Superadobe but modified to be even more ecologically friendly. The idea is to use knit raschel tubing rather than the traditional woven polypropylene. This … Continue reading

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Permaculture Design Certificate Course

If you are interested in learning more about Permaculture but cannot attend an actual course, you can always take it with a video series. The Permaculture Design Certificate Course was filmed in September 2005 at The University of Melbourne and … Continue reading

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Rocket Mass Heaters

Since I have been mentioning Rocket Mass Heaters recently I realized that I should post a short introduction for those who have never heard of them. Based on the principles of a Rocket Stove, Ianto Evans of the Cob Cottage … Continue reading

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Film Screening: Fixing the Future

This documentary, showcasing working models for thriving economies, will screen in at least 50 theaters in cities across the U.S. Due to a wildly successful PBS version, the filmmakers have made a new, feature length version of the documentary that … Continue reading

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There has been a lot of progress at Cal-Earth since the open house last month. The second rocket mass heater is nearing completion, notice that the heater pipes run through the sleeping pod floor! In addition, the building that houses … Continue reading

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